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Featured Movies :
"Zashchitniki (2017)"
Genre: Action , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 23 February 2017
Length: 100 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Fist Fight (2017)"
Genre: Comedy
Release: 17 February 2017
Length: 91 min
Views: 0 (7 votes)
Rate: 83%
"A Cure for Wellness (2016)"
Genre: Thriller , Mystery
Release: 17 February 2017
Length: 146 min
Views: 0 (7 votes)
Rate: 80%
"John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Crime
Release: 10 February 2017
Length: 122 min
Views: 0 (37 votes)
Rate: 84%
"In Dubious Battle (2016)"
Genre: Drama
Release: 17 February 2017
Length: 110 min
Views: 0 (12 votes)
Rate: 62%
"Sleepless (2017)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Crime
Release: 13 January 2017
Length: 95 min
Views: 0 (13 votes)
Rate: 66%
"A Dog's Purpose (2017)"
Genre: Comedy , Drama , Adventure
Release: 27 January 2017
Length: 100 min
Views: 0 (22 votes)
Rate: 85%
"Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back (2017)"
Genre: Fantasy , Comedy , Adventure
Release: 3 February 2017
Length: 109 min
Views: 0 (5 votes)
Rate: 36%
"Rules Don't Apply (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Drama , Romance
Release: 23 November 2016
Length: 127 min
Views: 0 (9 votes)
Rate: 80%

Recently Added Movies :
"Shine a Light (2008)"
Genre: Biography , Music , Documentary
Release: 4 April 2008
Length: 122 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Sign Painters (2014)"
Genre: Documentary
Release: 6 February 2014
Length: 81 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"One in a Billion (2016)"
Genre: Documentary
Release: 2 November 2016
Length: 69 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Atlantic (2016)"
Genre: Adventure , Documentary , News
Release: 2 March 2016
Length: 80 min
Views: 0 (3 votes)
Rate: 100%
"Coicent (2011)"
Genre: Short
Release: 8 October 2011
Length: 90 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Colouring Light: Brian Clarle - An Artist Apart..."
Genre: Documentary
Release: 17 October 2011
Length: 59 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"Coco (2009)"
Genre: Comedy , Drama
Release: 18 March 2009
Length: 95 min
Views: 0 (0 votes)
Rate: 0%
"I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore (2017)"
Genre: Thriller , Drama , Crime
Release: 24 February 2017
Length: 90 min
Views: 0 (3 votes)
Rate: 73%
"Amethyst (2016)"
Genre: Fantasy , Horror , Adventure
Release: 19 December 2016
Length: 70 min
Views: 0 (1 votes)
Rate: 20%
Most watched Movies :
"The Avengers (2012)"
Genre: Action , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 4 May 2012
Length: 142 min
Views: 0 (2375 votes)
Rate: 92%
"Deadpool (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Action , Adventure
Release: 12 February 2016
Length: 108 min
Views: 0 (254 votes)
Rate: 80%
"Fast Five (2011)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Drama , Crime
Release: 15 April 2011
Length: 130 min
Views: 0 (2601 votes)
Rate: 91%
"Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)"
Genre: Action , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 29 June 2011
Length: 157 min
Views: 0 (2003 votes)
Rate: 89%
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1..."
Genre: Fantasy , Action , Adventure , Mystery
Release: 19 November 2010
Length: 146 min
Views: 0 (2107 votes)
Rate: 88%
"Inception (2010)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Sci-Fi , Mystery , See more
Release: 20 August 2010
Length: 148 min
Views: 0 (1570 votes)
Rate: 91%
"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)"
Genre: Fantasy , Action , Adventure
Release: 25 March 2016
Length: 151 min
Views: 0 (175 votes)
Rate: 72%
"X-Men: First Class (2011)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Drama , Sci-Fi , Adventure
Release: 3 June 2011
Length: 132 min
Views: 0 (1354 votes)
Rate: 88%
"Suicide Squad (2016)"
Genre: Comedy , Action , Adventure
Release: 5 August 2016
Length: 123 min
Views: 0 (162 votes)
Rate: 76%
"The Dark Knight Rises (2012)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , Crime , Adventure
Release: 16 August 2012
Length: 164 min
Views: 0 (1137 votes)
Rate: 91%
"Salt (2010)"
Genre: Action , Thriller , See more
Release: 11 August 2010
Length: 100 min
Views: 0 (1367 votes)
Rate: 85%
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)"
Genre: Fantasy , Drama , Romance , Adventure
Release: 22 December 2011
Length: 117 min
Views: 0 (2060 votes)
Rate: 86%

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Last 20 Movie Comments :

Mechanic: resurrection Mechanic: Resurrection (2016) "M" Movies
Nothing breathtaking here. Honestly, the two things that got my attention through the whole movie was Jason's body (looking good for his age), the scene with the killing in the pool. Besides that, same ole same ole Jason. Unfortunately, he's become unsurprising. Same tricks, lightly different angles. This movie is forgettable.
"Now Thats A Prospector...." Gold (2016) "G" Movies
This was an interesting movie from at first, the prospector's vision, to then the corporate vision of wealth and control. Solid acting from Mcconaughey and all the other supporting cast members, in which did a splendid and convincing portrayal of the entire process of prospecting for gold to the execution of company founding, then finally coming home to Wall Street. With a couple major twists in the story that delivers a full blast of suspense for the audience it keeps you on the edge of your seat in a game of rags to riches. Based on true events, this movie may being looking for some Oscar hardware, but may fall just a little short. Regardless though, an intriguing movie worthy of any accolades:)
ReZort with a Z...and i stress the Zzzz.. The Rezort (2015) "T" Movies
I found this to be a pretty decent little zombie movie. As others here have stated, and i couldn't put it any better, it was a 'Jurassic Park' idea, but instead of merely viewing the captive creature's, people could pay to visit the resort set on an island fortress and go on a modern day killing safari. No big name actors, but they held there own and like the movie did a decent job. A unique story, and keeps your attention throughout. Fast paced, with enough gore to satisfy any zombie enthusiast:)
FIST FIGHT! Fist Fight (2017) "F" Movies
a really funny comedy!This keeps you entertained its really good and i love the ending!
Mechanical marvels: clockwork dreams Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams (2013) "M" Movies
I fell by mistake on this movie, and I'm so glad I did. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Yeah, that giddy. I am left simply blown away by the amazing craft and complexity in the creation of an automaton. I was totally absorbed in the mechanics of it all. Simply astonishing to see these things still work after all those years, while some modern buildings don't last that long nowadays. Loved every minute of it. Great watch.
The Mechanic "T" Movies
Ever think .....LESS IS MORE? (pertains to all the HUNDREDS of C minus reviews you leave) Just n case u can't figure that out IF your like Eric the Actor on the Howard Stern show (God bless his soul) Forgive my comment
really hope this is in English soon!!! A Cure for Wellness (2016) "A" Movies
i really cant wait ,it looks so good!
The mechanic The Mechanic (2011) "T" Movies
I was hoping this remake would be at least halfway as good as the original, but it wasn't. Today's Hollywood made it all about bells and whistles, as usual. I, for one, preferred Charles Bronson's Bishop, which was more cultured and more in control of his killings. Jason's Bishop, was partially in control. One minute he's a perfect killer, the next, the guy forgets to do basic things like wearing gloves when doing his job. That was stupid. Bronson didn't seek revenge, but he defended himself if need be, and he also knew how far he could go, as far as rules were. Jason well, was just typical Jason. Goes after the bad guys, takes them all on and again, get messy doing so, when he's supposed to be professional and unemotional. And Ben Foster. Like him as an actor but he did not convinced me as a all-of-a-sudden trained, martial artist killer. If anything, he annoyed me. Little things like that piling up, made this remake so-so for me. Just to say, at some point, you can even see the boom microphone in the scene, where Tony Goldwyn is in his office talking to Bishop, right before he get his comeuppance. I was laughing out loud. And it's not the only scene where you clearly see it. Seriously, nobody noticed upon reviewing? These people are supposed to be professionals, right? That was embarrassing to witness. Once OK but more than once, shame on you. Also, it find it interesting that they didn't touch Bishop's panic attacks, like in the original. That made him more human, less invincible. Jason cannot be seen as weak, in this one. A one-time watch, only for curiosity.
concerned viewer The Space Between Us (2017) "T" Movies
they shouldn't put movies on here unless they are in english
fare Fare (2016) "F" Movies
its ok ,pretty crazy towards ending but the very end sucks.


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